SilverTek is a leading technology partner with small business. For over 15 years, we have provided clients with excellent services, and computer servers, workstations, laptops. Customer satisfaction has been and will always be the first priority. Contact a SilverTek agent today to learn more!
As a business owner and not an IT specialist I find it difficult to work with "computer" services that use techie language to talk to me. I had exactly the opposite experience with you guys. Tony was complete and thorough in his explanations to me and never talked in terms I couldn't understand. He was sympathetic to my “hard drive crash anxiety” and remained calm, helpful and supportive through the entire process. He explained everything in terms I could understand, reviewing what had happened, what the solution was, and how and when it would be handled. I will also mention that you guys met or beat your estimates for completion of the tasks, and that was a very pleasant surprise, as it allowed me to plan and rely on the timeline originally set.

I think you guys did a great job!!! And I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone that has the problem I had, though I hope they don't."

-Michael Ratka-Waterloo Gardens

"I'm one of those ' high maintenance ' clients that have been with SilverTek for some time. I can always count on finding someone at SilverTek to walk me through an issue. They've hired a whole bunch of technically savvy people who listen, then proceed to pick out the solutions by having me try this or that while I'm on the phone with them. This is rare and given my level of computer sophistication, I'm very happy to be with SilverTek."  

-George Haddad-President of Microserve

You just completed the total replacement of our Computer Server System. We went from a "pieced together server system" to a "state of the art, easily understood, and streamlined system". You accomplished this with a minimum amount of business interruption. Your on-site technicians were fantastic. Every one of them was professional, knowledgeable, spoke in terms we could understand, and were very efficient in their work. You should be very proud of your wonderful team; they are a real asset to SilverTek.”

-Christopher Farias-President of Eastern Business Software

We would recommend this company to you - SilverTek offered us the ideal package - supplying, installing and configuring a new server as well as supplying PCs, laptops and printers, while also offering onsite and remote support at reasonable costs. It has been great to be able to work with a flexible and professional company who are responsive to our business needs as well providing a fast and friendly service.

-Matthew Rosenberg-Barber, Sharper & Rosenberg/ Attorneys At Law