SilverTek is a leading technology partner with small business. For over 15 years, we have provided clients with excellent services, and computer servers, workstations, laptops. Customer satisfaction has been and will always be the first priority. Contact a SilverTek agent today to learn more!

SilverTek offers our small business and home office clients the highest level of service: 

  • Leverage our database recovery and prevention services to minimize your data risks while increasing backup efficiency, automating recoverability and reducing storage and CPU requirements. 
  • As leaders in web-based services, our goal has been to help small businesses succeed online. In the event of an all too common high speed or wireless “issue ”, SilverTek will respond in Real Time.
  • From a local computer, SilverTek’sokey
  • Remote Access service can provide access to a remote computer and work on all resources stored on it including emails, documents and pictures.
  • Internet connectivity is a tool most small businesses cannot do without.  SilverTek provides solutions that will ensure your business or home office remains online and secure.
  • Is your PC or Laptop acting strangely or starting to run slowly?  SilverTek offers a comprehensive recovery plan for your system.  Our technicians will respond rapidly to remove all Spy ware, Malware and Viruses, identify the source of the infection, and eliminate all accumulated residual data.